Metals Theft Protection Package

Florida Recyclers Association is proud to bring you our "Scrap Theft Prevention & Conviction Kit" developed in conjuction with local law enforcement and our association.

This document is a How-To Guide for theft prevention and - if theft happens - provides tips to help in the identification of your property and conviction of thieves.

The Kit includes information on:

  • Paint Markings to identify property
  • eVideo Alarm Verification system
  • Copper Cable Traceable solution

<Download the Metals Theft Protection Package here>

For more information about copper theft and to get resources on steps to protect your copper property, please visit End Copper Theft's website.

Article from Transmission & Distribution World <Copper Theft: Under the Cover of Darkness>

The scrap recycling industry is working to be a part of the solution to material theft. Click <here> to read some great stories of cooperation between law enforcement and the scrap recycling industry that brought thieves to justice.


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